THIS IS AN ARTICLE FROM 2012 "An extra round of applause please"


The reason this article from 2012 has suddenly appeared  is that a woman contacted me yesterday trying to sell her spellchecker programme that she said is so good that it found a spelling mistake in this article (the word 'passport' had been misspelt) so I corrected it in an edit. Because of the edit and the way this website has been set up it has now thrown the edited article to the top of the page! Apologies to people who thought they'd missed a gig! The last time October 28th (date of gig) was on a Sunday was in 2012!

Mike Pender was invited to appear at a huge 60s' Music Event in Ontario, Canada on October 29th and among other artistes appearing are his old mates Peter Noone, and Billy J.Kramer (like Peter, Billy has been resident in the USA  for a number of years and is now rarely seen in the UK). For this event Mike would have been backed by Billy J's American Band and so would have meant two days rehearsal with them. This meant that Mike would have needed to travel to Canada on 27th October.

Mike Pender's Searchers are booked to appear at a now totally 'Sold Out' show on Sunday 28th at The Delmont Hotel, Scarborough so this was impossible (and very unfair) to cancel! So any ticket holders for the Delmont Hotel gig please give an extra round of applause to Mike for sticking to his Contract!

Although Canada can not now happen, Mike still needs his passport for gigs lined up in the near future in Spain, Germany and Sweden.

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