Solid Silver 60s - King's Theatre, Southsea (Portsmouth News)


Old rockers never die, they just go on tour!

Nostalgia is big business, and this show is a sure-fire hit, bringing together performers who thrived in the shadow of The Beatles, and have never lost the urge to play music.

So The Merseybeats star alongside Dave Berry, Wayne Fontana and Mike Pender, original voice of The Searchers, with New Amen Corner, a 60s tribute showband. who add sonic gloss to proceedings.

"Thereís at least £1,000 worth of heating allowance up on this stage,Ē quipped Dave Berry, whose energetic rock Ďní roll set was topped off with a soulful rendition of his worldwide hit, The Crying Game.

Fontana showed heís still in possession of a fine falsetto, bravely taking on Roy Orbisonís In Dreams and succeeding.

The Merseybeats, including two founding members, can still belt out a tune, as can Mike Pender, whose Searchers' numbers were a highlight.

An enthusiastic audience lapped up hit after hit, and the feelgood factor was palpable. Pender even sneaked in an ELO song from the 70s, Donít Bring Me Down, and made it sound like a 60s' original. We left the Kings having stomped and cheered to Glad All Over, and a finale was never more apt.

~Alan Cooper