Remembering Billy Adamson


Heard the news yesterday about Bill Adamson. His spirit has left this earth though his body still lies somewhere in France. I well remember Bill joining the Band at the end of the '60s taking over from Johnny Blunt. He was still there when I left to form MPS in 1985.

Bill was an excellent drummer and was coveted by many bands even after joining us. We were never really close and as with Frank and John it was a friendly/business relationship which is not surprising seeing as we lived 200 miles apart.

Bill is now the fifth person with Searcher connections to leave this wonderful world, the others being Johnny Sandon and Tony West from the early pre-Searchers' days and of course, the two original and unforgettable 'Golden Searchers', Tony Jackson and Chris Curtis.

Goodbye Bill, you were a great drummer.

Mike Pender.