In Memory of Gordon Lightfoot


Gordon Lightfoot was a much bigger star in America and Canada and although he was writing and recording before his eventual breakthrough with "If You Could Read My Mind” it was this record that launched his career on both sides of the Atlantic, reaching number 5 in the American Billboard and becoming his first hit in the UK.  Although only reaching number 30 over here, his vocal and finger style guitar playing together with his lyrics and beautiful chord sequence made this song a classic, so much so that the British audiences took him to their hearts, some, making the long journey to Canada just to hear and see him perform.  There is no doubt, that he was an Icon and will be sadly missed not only in his native Canada but also North America and Europe.

Gordon Lightfoot 1938 - 2023

Rest easy "In the Early Morning Rain "

~ Mike

(161) Gordon Lightfoot - "If You Could Read My Mind" (Live TV performance) - YouTube