A Hard Day's Night at the Beatles' Fest in Chicago!

John Grochowski: At the Beatles' fest, will you be singing with the house band, Liverpool?

MP: For the first time in my life, Iím going to do a Beatles' song. Because the Beatles were there because they were superstars, a supergroup. I always concentrated on the Searchers and never got into (playing) the Beatles music at all. It was always there, and people would say "Hey Mike, are you going to play a Beatles' song?Ē And I always said no, because by the time weíd done the Searchers' songs thereís no time left to do anyone elseís song. So really itís going to be the first time doing a Beatles' song in my life, and itís going to be because I got the connection from George Harrisonís Rickenbacker from seeing him play "A Hard Dayís Night.Ē Thatís the song Iím going to do with the house band, because I think itís a good story.

~ Courtesy of John Grochowski in Chicago