'British Guitarists 1952-1972 Electric Pioneers' by Peter Tuffrey


The above titled book is to be published on 19th October. It is a fabulous book - a hardback - 304 pages with lots of photographs of the contributors most of which were personally interviewed by the renowned author Peter Tuffrey.

A fascinating read not only about the Guitars and Amplifiers used by these true pioneers  of the electric guitar but also about their careers spanning from those early years in the fifties to the current day.

You will all love the chapter on Mike - some great stories and recent photos too. Take a look at the link below that gives you more details; it lists the guitarists featured in the book, all iconic names you will recognise. The link includes an order box - just a click away and your copy will be on its way very soon. When using this link to order you can request a dedicated bookplate signed by the author.