Thanks Mike for your music and your friendship

Thanks Mike for your music and your friendship

I have seen Mike quite a few times, like many of his fans, but the first time I got a photo with Mike was at Reelinandrockin show in 2003. I just caught him as he was leaving. After that I tried to get a photo or have a few words each time I saw him.

I saw Mike with Tony Crane and Wayne Fontana at Springfields at Spalding and he is always very friendly and kind to everyone who would like a photo or autograph. I have several photos which I love. He also autographed his book for me and it was a great book to read and so interesting.

I gave Mike a pencil drawing I had done of his face in about 2011 at Richmond Rooms Skegness and I always try and get a few words and a nice hug whenever I can. We've had some lovely chats.

I saw Sensational 60s show at Wolverhampton earlier this year and at The Embassy Skegness in November. I'm lucky to have a couple of photos on the fan club so thank you for that. I so brag about it to my family!

Sadly because of the virus not many groups come out to see the fans anymore but myself and my husband were lucky enough to get to see Mike before the show and I gave him a cake and a thank you card for all the lovely shows and wonderful songs and being able to chat to him. I will miss all that, as will all us fans.

I wish Mike and his wife and family all the best for Xmas and New Year but also hope they have wonderful holidays and who knows we may see Mike sometime in the future.

So thank you Mike for being a good friend when we saw you and we will miss you.

Love Jane Taylor