Solid Silver Sixties Tour - Weston-Super-Mare, 10 March 2013

Solid Silver Sixties Tour - Weston-Super-Mare, 10 March 2013

Myself, my girlfriend Sandie and friend Keith, after months of looking forward to the SSS show, were now on the M4 and on our way! Travelling with us was an original treasured copy of the sheet music 'He's Got No Love' which I was hoping Mike would sign for me which of course he did. Thanks Mike. This song is special to Mike's fans because he wrote it with Chris and it was The Searchers' only self-penned hit.

Nostalgia kicks in. I remember well, buying the sheet music from 'Russell Acott' in Oxford. It stocked everything from grand pianos to tin whistles, a treasure trove of a place. Upstairs was a huge record department. Sadly it no longer exists.

On arriving at Weston-Super-Mare we had a stroll along the prom and onto the Pier. The air was bracing and the temperature close to freezing but still not to be missed. We then proceeded to the Playhouse Theatre to sort out the tickets, programmes etc and to thaw out! We took our seats in the circle our favourite location looking down onto the stage. As the seats filled you could feel the excitement building.

New Amen Corner started the show and had us all clapping along to 'Bend Me Shape Me'. Then on came Wayne Fontana who gave us a great performance with all of his hits, his voice just as good as ever it was. We also had loads of funny stories from him and some more thought-provoking ones too!  Next we had the Merseybeats who were brilliant and again gave us all the hits, leaving us wanting more.

Amen Corner opened the second half with 'If Paradise Is Half As Nice'. Dave Berry was introduced, then made his usual stage entrance! He was in fine form, an amazing voice and performer, again all the hits but his version of the Bee Gees 'First Of May' was my favourite. I have heard him sing this before and I do hope he keeps it in his set.

Then came the moment for MIKE PENDER fans, Amen Corner had changed into light grey suits for the second half, which many of the 60s bands, including the Searchers, used to wear. Mike made his entrance onto the stage to applause; he opened with 'Sweets For My Sweet' and his playing of the guitar riff at the end of each verse just sends tingles down the spine. He was in sparkling form as he played the hits to us. 'Needles and Pins' in my opinion, is Mike's song and no one can ever sing it like him.

Mike told us that sometimes an artist likes to do something a bit different and he said he had a new song for us. The song was 'The Working Man' about the miners' lives. It was a brilliant performance, sung with emotion with such a powerful voice. Mike sang many of the hits and left us wanting more. He always remembers Chris and Tony during his shows and of course they are also in our thoughts at these shows.

At this point I would like to mention what a great job Amen Corner did for all the artists, they reproduced the original sounds for all of them. I would also like to thank the guy on the merchandising table who arranged for Mike to sign my music sheet.

We go full circle and are now looking forward to our next SSS concert... Bournemouth sounds good! 

~Dave Starrett