Solid Silver 60s show at the Southport Theatre - 16th March 2013

Solid Silver 60s show at the Southport Theatre - 16th March 2013

Hi everyone, my name is David and I live in Horwich near Bolton.

Last night 16.3.13 I went to the Solid Silver 60s show at the Southport Theatre. I have been to quite a few of these 60s shows and I like to go to as many as I can and last night was brill. I took along some of my sheet music, from bands of the 60s, which I have collected lots of over the years. I try to get to the shows early and to go round to the rear entrance of the venues to hopefully see the bands come in.

Last night I was waiting at the rear of the theatre at Southport when the Merseybeats turned up, Tony first, followed by Billy and they signed my sheet music. Wayne Fontana was the next to appear and I could not believe my luck. I waited a little longer when it started raining and then Mike Pender turned up.

He said just give me five minutes and I will come back out to see you. When he came back he told me to come inside out of the rain so in I went in thinking to myself I can't believe it I am in the rear of the theatre with Mike Pender... gosh! He looked at my sheet music and said "It's got wet I'll just go and wipe it off for you". What a wonderful man he is, he had all the time in the world for me and I then had my picture taken with him. A big thank you Mike!

After the show I bought CDs and got them signed and had pictures taken with all the bands. It was a great night and all the bands were brilliant. They were real gents. A big thank you to you all for a night I wont forget.

To the Merseybeats, Mike Pender, Wayne Fontana, Dave Berry and New Amen Corner.

God bless you all
Keep rockin' xxxxxx