Remembering Chris Black

Remembering Chris Black

I have very fond memories of Chris Black from those early days of MPS when I started to follow the band. I remember going to a Searchers' gig in Worthing in 1986 and being alarmed when I realised Mike was no longer in the line-up – soon after I found MPS and everything was great from then on!

Chris was a lovely friendly, amusing guy who always had a quip or two – a wonderful sense of humour – quite dry at times. He was highly skilled at both guitar and keyboards and his vocal skills added to the MPS sound – recreating that original Searchers' sound.

When after 10 years with the band he decided to emigrate to Australia it was a big loss to all the fans and of course the band!

In 1985 I was asked to take over as Fan Club Secretary and started publishing MPS News – unfortunately Chris wasn’t involved with that for long but I do recall he sent me a detailed diary and pictures when the band toured Australia. Chris was very articulate and always just an interesting person to talk to – about anything really – not just music.

You're very missed Chris – by me and many many others.

~ Roger Askey