Fond memories of Chris Black

Fond memories of Chris Black

I was very sad to learn of the recent passing of Chris Black, a founder member of Mike Pender’s Searchers.

I hadn’t seen Chris for some years but do recall in particular him joining me on stage with MPS at gigs both in Urmston and Whitby when he came back to UK to see family and friends – that certainly brought back those good times when we all played together.

When in 1985 I  decided to form my own band MPS I was introduced to Chris by my then Agent, Tony Sherwood – immediately he was my first choice for the band, he had everything required for a pop band. He was an accomplished guitarist and keyboard player and had a good voice – so yes everything I needed for MPS. Barrie and Steve joined the band  and we then spent many years all together travelling extensively in the UK and overseas.

It was 1996 when Chris emigrated to Australia and I assure you that replacing him was difficult and challenging at times!

I love this picture of Chris and I with our identical – other than colour - Rickenbacker  6/12 convertor guitars, how amazing that we had the same rare model. This picture was taken at a hotel in Skipton in 19??

Many memories come back to me of those days of the original MPS – we all worked hard and we all enjoyed it.

R.I.P Chris.