'Bad Woman' - a new recording!

'Bad Woman' - a new recording!

'Bad Woman', a new recording not heard before but recorded some years ago with Mike on vocal and backing by Steve and Heather Taylor (Timeless Songs) –  a real country rock feel to it and it was written by Steve and Heather.

I thought some of you would be interested in the background to this ‘new’ recording!

It was recorded around the end of 2000 when Mike met up with Steve and Heather Taylor. Steve was one of many people who was inspired by the voice and guitar playing of Mike in the Searchers in the sixties. Like Mike, he was also inspired by Buddy Holly. Steve booked Mike Pender's Searchers for a charity event at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool on the 23rd June 2001  (see below this extract from the winter edition of MPS News of 2001 – that took some finding !).  I attended this memorable night "Steve Taylor's Footsteps" which was raising money for the Romanian Orphans.

The other star on this night was Daniel O’Donnell. Steve had a long association with him as a musician and his MD and together with Heather were responsible for writing his biggest hit ‘Give a Little Love’. A further three hits followed including ‘Footsteps’ in addition to certain album tracks.I have also learnt that Steve and Heather have had hits with Shakin' Stevens, in fact the album ‘Love Attack’ was produced by Steve and he also played and sang on the album.  

Steve also revealed to me that he had been a member of MPS - guitar and vocals - for a while during 2004/ early 2005! Now that did surprise me because I thought I knew everything and everybody re MPS! This led me to research this, so out came my copies of MPS News. (50 copies in total!) 

Well you will all remember the original 1986 line up of course – Mike with  Chris Black – guitar, keyboards, Steve Carlisle – drums, Barrie Cowell – bass guitar Chris left in 1996 and emigrated to Australia. Paul Jackson was his replacement and stayed until 1999 when he left to return to teaching guitar. Kevin Healey replaced Paul and stayed until 2003 when he left to return to Electrix. 

Now the 2004/early 2005 was a difficult time because Mike was touring in shows as a solo act but there were still some MPS gigs but no full time guitarist joined during  this period.  Mike arranged stand in guitarists as needed and as available. These included Garth Watroy and Pete Brill and Steve Taylor. I remember seeing both Garth and Pete but not Steve. In 2005 Kevin Healey returned and in 2006 Keith Roberts took over. Steve Carlisle retired in 2003 and Mike Jnr joined the band    If you would like to read more about Steve have a look at   http://www.1331music.co.uk/