'A Cracking Read'!

'A Cracking Read'!

"Just finished reading 'The Search For Myself' What a cracking read it is - I thoroughly enjoyed it - in fact I couldn't put it down! If you want to know all about one of the best bands' of the sixties then Mike's is the book to read - the ups and downs - first hand from the guy that was there!" 

"I've often wondered why Mike Pender left The Searchers.  Various magazine articles, internet stories, even Frank Allen's book, all touched upon it but never really explained the reason why. If you want to know, then Mike's book "The Search For Myself" will tell you.

It will also explain why Mike and John McNally's fellow band members, Tony Jackson and Chris Curtis,  left at the height of the band's success. This was a band that at one time was almost as big as The Beatles!

There is also the very disturbing story about how two of his former bandmates and friends, for many years, tried to have him imprisoned because unbeknownst to Mike a couple of promoters had not advertised 'Mike Pender's Searchers' in equal size lettering and colouring  when advertising an appearance by the band.

In addition, there is the story of the Sire recording sessions, where they recorded two albums for that label and which contained some of the best music they had produced for years. This was to be the start of their big comeback, which failed to materialize and was the deciding factor for Mike to leave. Sadly his former bandmates can't let bygones be bygones and John McNally even refused to shake hands with Mike at Chris Curtis' funeral.

Mike's book explains the origins of The Searchers, along with his early life and how some of the greatest sixties music was chosen and recorded. Mike keeps the prose simple and interesting, unlike some autobiographies that go into minute detail, becoming tedious and boring. This is Mike and The Searchers' story written by the guy who was there at the beginning and the end".

Tony Dawson-Hill

"Mike's book is an excellent read. His story deserved to be told. It is especially interesting on the origins and early years of The Searchers. And, without taking sides, on the split from the original band. For me, and many fans I suspect, it is a shame that musically the split happened."

Nigel Dean

Just started reading Mike's book after receiving it as a Christmas present. it promises to be one of the best books I've ever read."

Tony Hussey