Rare photo found of proposed original line-up


Recently an extremely rare photo has come to light showing the proposed ORIGINAL line-up of Mike Pender's Searchers - Mike, Chris Black (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Steve Carlisle (drums/vocals) and TONY JACKSON (bass guitar/vocals). Sadly, as we now know, this was never to be as Tony was quite seriously riddled with arthritis and couldn't play the bass guitar to the level required. However, his vocals were unimpaired.
Tony was replaced by Barrie Cowell who is still with the band today. History records that Tony Jackson has serious problems later on in his life.... including a custodial sentence, and he died in relative obscurity. How different it might have been!

Even now, years later, Mike will always dedicate "Love Potion Number 9" to his old friend - Tony Jackson.

~ Thanks to
Serena Cairns for the picture