Only eight musicians in 26 years!


It is quite remarkable. Over the years, Mike has been very loyal to his musicians, and they to him! In 26 years, to only have used a total of eight musicians is quite a feat! I doubt if any other group could match that!

The original line up with Mike, was Steve Carlisle on drums, Chris Black on guitar and Barrie Cowell on bass guitar.
This line-up remained unchanged until 1996 when Chris emigrated to Australia.

Paul Jackson joined and remained until 1999 when Kevin Healey joined and stayed with the band until 2005. In the period 2003-2005 however Kevin had other commitments so it was not unusual to see Garth Watroy in his place.

In 2005 Keith Roberts joined and is still with us. When Steve Carlisle retired Mike Pender Jnr. took over on drums.