Eddie Cooke, former member of 'Sons and Lovers'


Eddie Cooke, former member of 'Sons and Lovers', the 60s' Harmony Group from Nottingham, had always remained a great friend of Mike Pender's Searchers after providing the hospitality of his lovely home for Mike and the original line-up of MPS to rehearse in, when Mike formed the group, 28 years ago.

Eddie's sad death was announced on here last month and his funeral was held on Thursday 23rd August at Wilford Hill Cemetery, Nottingham attended by past and present members of Sons and Lovers. With respect, here is a photograph of past and present members, courtesy of Chris Black, taken at the funeral of their former bandmate.

Fund-Raising Event for 'BreatheEasy'
Tony Sherwood has been asked by Susie Hayes, Eddie's partner, to organise with Steve Greenfield and Spike Cowlard, an Event to raise funds for 'BreatheEasy', the Charity that provides support for people with Lung Cancer and breathing difficulties. Eddie was an active member of this organisation which provided him with very much-needed support.

Link to BreatheEasy website: http://www.blf.org.uk/BreatheEasy