The Sire Recordings

The Sire Recordings

For Mike Pender fans the 'Sire Recordings' are a must as Mike sings lead vocals on most of the tracks. These recordings are 'The Searchers' at their very best.

Like most of the top 60s' bands The Searchers had huge success with 14 hits including three number ones. The time came for all these 60s' bands when the hits were to dry up but as they were popular with huge loyal fan bases, most were still able to continue and still enjoy their careers.

This was, of course, a brilliant outcome for them, but musicians are creative by nature and need something new and different to inspire them, and as much as they love performing the hits that gave them success, they need to move on. The Searchers reached this point in 1979. They needed to record new material, however, this is not as easy as it may seem.

Fans are fickle, and many are more than happy to hear the hits and for the overall sound and style of the band to continue and be reluctant to embrace change. I have to admit that I fall into that category!  With the Sire Resordings the goalposts were moved but the band brilliantly maintained the sound their fans loved. Mike's distinctive voice, of course, was a major factor in this, but the material, although new and different, was carefully chosen so that the fans would be able to easily identify with it.

The whole band was at its very best at these recording sessions and the harmonies and overall sound production is amazing. Billy Adamson does some great drumming and Frank Allen's harmonies just compliment Mike's voice to perfection.

If 'Hearts In Her Eyes', 'Silver', 'September Gurls' and 'Everything But A Heartbeat' had been recorded when finding hit material was becoming difficult, their chart success would surely have continued for a lot longer. Other memorable tracks? Just listen to 'New Day' and 'Radio Romance'...

Great recordings by a great band!!!!

'Searchers' 1979 SIRE 6082
'Play For Today' 1980 SRK 3523

~Dave Starrett