Thank you Mike for another great show!

Thank you Mike for another great show!

I have seen Mike several times in Reelin' and Rockin' shows at The Embassy Skegness also at Spalding, Peterborough and the Richmond Rooms Skegness and it is always a pleasure to see him. Last March I gave Mike a pencil drawing I had done of him when I saw him at Skegness.

This year as it is the 50th anniversary of the first songs of Mike, The Merseybeats, Dave Berry and Wayne Fontana, my husband and I designed a cake for them all to take to Solid Silver Sixties' show at Skegness. Mike wasn't there when we took the cake to the dressing rooms but he did ask on stage who had made the cake. I would have felt too embarrassed to stand up so I thought I will tell him after the show but unfortunately he had left before I realised.

It was unfortunate that Wayne wasn't at Skegness, so as I didn't want him to miss out, I had another cake taken to Wolverhampton as my son lives there, but sadly, Wayne missed out again as he wasn't at Skegness either, but I am sure everyone else enjoyed the cake. I had also taken drawings of Wayne that I had done, but hopefully I'll see him another time to give them to him.

It was quite a busy tour for them all and I think some of the acts were poorly so I hope now the tour has finished they can all "recharge their batteries" and have a well deserved rest. The show was fantastic and the solo artistes were well backed by New Amen Corner. The SSS shows are always well worth going to see and there are several brilliant reviews in Beat Magazine and on Mike and Merseybeats' websites.

I don't know when I will see Mike again in our area but long may he continue to sing for us 60's fans. So on behalf of myself and all your fans, thank you Mike for another great show.

~Jane Taylor, Boston, Lincs