Solid Silver Sixties Tour 2015

Solid Silver Sixties Tour 2015

We have another Solid Silver Sixties' nationwide tour just around the corner. I do love these concerts with loads of the great artists from the 60s. There is a great line-up this year including The Merseybeats, Chris Farlowe and Billy J Kramer. For me and the rest of us, of course, the icing on the cake is when Mike is on the tour!

Myself and Sandie usually take in the concert at Weston Super Mare, one of our favourite places and we just love the Playhouse Theatre. This year the concert is not being held at Weston so it looks as if Bournemouth is beckoning! May as well have a stroll along the beach prior to the show!!

A couple of years ago Mike promised us a new song which turned out to be 'The WorkingMan' which we would love to hear him perform again sometime.

On the forthcoming tour Roger has informed us that Mike will be singing an original Searchers' track and has given us a clue, [see Roger's article on the Latest News Page where he gives the clue].

I think I know what it is but of course cannot be sure. If I'm right, the track is on the 'Take Me For What I'm Worth' album. Nearer the start of the tour I will disclose what I think it is. It would be interesting and fun to hearwhat song others think it could be!

Hope to bump into some of you at a show sometime!

Dave Starrett