Questions for Mike, from Dave Starrett, about 'Sweets For My Sweet'

Q: Who came up with the song?
A: I don't remember frankly, but probably Chris.

Q: Any particular reason for the choice?
A: I thought it was pretty ordinary when we found it on the Drifters' album, but after putting our stamp on it,
     it suited Tony's voice.

Q: Were any other songs considered?
A: No.

Q: How long did it take to record?
A: Three takes, so around 45 minutes.

Q: Was Tony Hatch in the recording studio with the band?
A: Oh yes, he was there.

Q: Did you enjoy working with him?
A: Yes, we all did.

Q: After playing the recording back, did you get the feeling it would be such a big hit for you?
A: Frankly, no!

Q: Can you remember the moment you were told it had reached No 1 in the charts?
A: No, but I do remember getting a telegram from Pye saying it had entered the charts at No 44.

Thanks to Mike for answering Dave's questions about 'Sweets For My Sweet'