Making your mind up is so hard to do, according to John May!

Making your mind up is so hard to do, according to John May!

Children, particularly pubescent males, try so hard to behave like adults.  Why then do adults often revert to behaving like young children?  I'll get back to this observation, later. Meanwhile: "These are a few of my favourite things" - actually my favourite Searchers' songs.

A while back I voted for my all-time favourite Searchers' track in Tim Viney's "Searchers" magazine and chose 'Somebody Told Me You Were Crying', this was an error!

My all-time favourite Searchers' song is 'Needles and Pins'.  This song, as delivered by The Searchers, is one of the finest rock/pop songs of all time.  My belief, that the success of 'Needles' was mainly due to the joint harmony of Mike and Chris Curtis, was mistaken.

If you're lucky enough to possess a compilation tape of Searchers' tracks - a VHS video purchased via Tim Viney in 1996, you'll have listened to a live performance of 'Needles and Pins' on the Ed Sullivan TV show with Tony Jackson's voice prominent - in effect, singing lead with Mike and Chris providing additional vocals.

The choice of who should sing lead vocal on the released vocal of 'Needles and Pins' was significant in progressing the band's popularity in 1963.  This song was a million-seller and was awarded a gold disc.

~ John May