Fan Club for Mike Pender's Searchers

Many people looking at our 'new look' website will notice the MPS NEWS tab and know exactly what this means. However, even more people, hopefully, will not realise so I want to tell you what this is all about.

My name is Roger and I have had the privilege of running the Fan Club since 1995. When Mike formed his band in 1986 there were naturally a large number of fans who followed Mike, so a Fan Club was soon formed and run by Margaret, followed by Gill, Anne and then myself.  MPS NEWS magazine No.1 was issued in Spring 1995 and 49 issues continued, culminating in the last issue, No.50 in July 2012. It was decided that with the updating of the website under our new webmaster Sylvia, this was the ideal time to incorporate the Fan Club and therefore MPS NEWS.
This would enable Latest News items and Fan Club news to be 'immediate' and not waiting until the next issue of the printed magazine. Of course Fan Club members also have an added benefit - no more subscriptions to pay!
MPS NEWS will continue in the same way by covering Gig Reviews, related items and Band stories both current and looking back in time. Already the items are coming in from Fans so I would please ask you all to send me any items you have, handwritten, typed, word documents, pictures or anything MPS related.  Send them to me at or by post to 19, Lakeside Mews, Fieldside, Thorne, S.Yorks. DN8 4AA
The Fan Club very much relies on your input so I do look forward to your future support in helping me make this a really active 'on line' Club. We do have for sale the MPS CD with two live tracks and some limited edition T shirts, details of these are available from myself. Also for sale are back numbers of MPS NEWS. The issues available are 18, 20, 22, 24, 25A, 25B, 27 then 37-50. In some cases we have several of each number; others only one or two are left. If you would like any, please write to me or email and let me know what you are interested in.

~ Roger