Billy Adamson, 1944-2013, Tribute from Junior Campbell

Billy Adamson, 1944-2013, Tribute from Junior Campbell

Mike, being a long term colleague of Billy, is pleased to share Junior thoughts about him [Billy] with others who remember his days with The Searchers.

"An old pal of mine has just left us, such a sad and unexpected shock. We all grew up as young musicians in Glasgow in the early 60's. Billy was the drummer with the Bellrocks whose vocalist was wee Marie Laurie ( Lulu ) -- we used to all play around Glasgow/West of Scotland, forever bumping into each other in those early days.

Billy's dad was a colourful character of the time -- agent come "man wi a van" for hire to carry your gear. We all became friends and Billy always seemed to be around when we first moved to London, at the Gaylords rented den of iniquity in Wimbledon London, New Year parties at my house in Sunningdale, the Decca sessions, and being a drummer was very matey with Raymie Duffy our drummer.

Billy was a brilliant, stylish drummer of the old school who could read drum parts etc -- he played with many in his career including as far back as Emile Ford and The Checkmates -- he played with the Searchers for near 30 years before retiring to the south of France in 1998.

Billy had great command of the "Glasgow Vernacular" - no matter how high n mighty the company!! I can hear him now, in full flow!!

After I left the Marms in '71, I decided to try record production/arranging, and "Pretty Belinda" was a song I wrote and recorded in early 1972 -- just prior to "Hallelujah Freedom". I wanted a real "down & dirty" sound -- "back to basics" -- and asked Billy and Jessie Knight to play on the session -- Cliff Bennett, I cajoled into singing it -- what a chanter!!

The single was released as "The Clan" -- never saw the light of day -- but I have it here. I later dubbed my own vocal for inclusion on my '74 album "Second Time Around".

God Bless You Wullie Adamson -- great days, great laughs, and GREAT playing. Amongst others, me, Raymie and Jessie Knight will be there to bid you goodbye my boy -- I know Pat & Dean would if they could! xx"

Wullie Campbell xx