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Solid Silver Sixties Tour 2015

Publish Date: Sun 1st Feb 2015 - Read full article

The British Are Coming..... To Rahway, NJ

Publish Date: Tue 27th Jan 2015 - Read full article

'ORIGINS OF THE SEARCHERS AND THE SEARCH FOR MYSELF' Mike Pender's Autobiography - purchase details

Publish Date: Tue 30th Dec 2014 - Read full article

'Rock Artist Management'

Publish Date: Wed 10th Dec 2014 - Read full article

Another British Invasion Tour in the USA

Publish Date: Thu 13th Nov 2014 - Read full article

Solid Silver Sixties 30th Anniversary tour 2015

Publish Date: Thu 25th Sep 2014 - Read full article

'A conversation with Searchers' singer-guitarist, Mike Pender' by John Grochowski in Chicago

Publish Date: Mon 25th Aug 2014 - Read full article

A Hard Day's Night at the Beatles' Fest in Chicago!

Publish Date: Fri 22nd Aug 2014 - Read full article

Mike Pender, Micky Dolenz, Peter Noone, Mark Lewisohn among the celeb line-up at the Fest for Beatles' Fans

Publish Date: Sun 17th Aug 2014 - Read full article

50th Anniversary Beatles' Festival, Chicago

Publish Date: Fri 8th Aug 2014 - Read full article

Tony Takes A Final Bow

Publish Date: Tue 11th Mar 2014 - Read full article

Mike Pender's Book

Publish Date: Thu 19th Dec 2013 - Read full article

Remembering Billy Adamson

Publish Date: Fri 15th Nov 2013 - Read full article

Chris Black, an original MPS member, to appear with the band on August 11th

Publish Date: Thu 25th Jul 2013 - Read full article

Tickets on sale - The Beatles in Urmston - MPS playing Sun 11 August

Publish Date: Tue 2nd Jul 2013 - Read full article

Get into 60s' Spirit at Whitby Festival

Publish Date: Sun 2nd Jun 2013 - Read full article